Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chinese Cooking Endeavors...

I, like most people, enjoy a good meal, however, getting one without paying more than ten bucks a head is unlikely in this day and age, unless you cook it yourself. Sooooooo...

I cook it myself. What to cook, what to cook.

My mom has a boatload of cookbooks on the shelf in my intellectual productivity room, otherwise known as the office, where I am now, in fact; but it is where I am usually most intellectually productive. I rarely look at them, falling usually on the old standby Betty Crocker cookbook that we keep at all times in the kitchen. It has everything. Except bagels. And egg rolls. And lemon chicken. Bagels aren't Chinese, but all the same, the Betty Crocker cookbook doesn't have them.

However, to remedy this, General Mills recruited Leann Chin to hand over her recipes to contribute to a cookbook of authentic Chinese and Cantonese cooking. Seeing this on the shelf one day I wondered if I could make Chinese food without going to a Chinese restaurant. The short answer that I know now is yes. I can make Chinese food at home. Woohoo. What now? Telling you about it is what.

I made lemon chicken and as my family will attest, it was truly delicious and I will do it again. How much does it cost? I can buy lemon chicken for two at the King's Wok or the 88 Wok just up the road for around 7.95. Is it cost effective to make it yourself at home? Well really, it's about the same, maybe just a skosh cheaper to do it at home, but what's the fun of that? Don't you want to get your hands dirty? Maybe get a few hot oil burns while your at it, then you really appreciate it (I didn't get any hot oil burns). I've gotten to the point where I really appreciate the food just as much either way, it just matters if it tastes good.

Anyway, I did make lemon chicken, and it was very good. I suppose it could actually be counted as sweet and sour chicken really. The sauce tasted more like it than lemon. If you want a recipe like the one I made for pretzels yesterday, I will do that eventually, but it might be a few months. If you want it sooner then just ask and I'll get it up sooner. I didn't make the egg rolls this time, those were over a year ago by now I think, but I'll do them again sometime. Probably when I do lemon chicken again. They are very good as well, as long as they don't soak up too much oil!

I just realized that I really don't know why I'm writing this. Oh yes, it's because I feel like showing off my handiwork in the kitchen. How do I show off with just words, though? I don't. Here are some pictures. The top one is the lemon chicken and the bottom one is a partially successful attempt at Challa that I meant to post yesterday but forgot.

 And the Challa:

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to just post recipes and foodies. There should be lots more, diverse things I'll talk about, that I want the world to know and read. So just bear with me in this time of cooking. 

Today We're having friends come and my mom and sister want to do the cooking. As a result I have been banned from the kitchen, but I may in the end be recruited to do the mashed potatoes, and no, you probably won't be seeing any of the dinner on this blog.

So now I'll stop boring you with my endless chatter and go get some work done. 

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