Sunday, February 22, 2015

Time for Stories!

I think I said it in a previous post that everyone likes to here a a good story, especially one that makes the listener think really hard about what's going on. I didn't say it then, but I'll say it now that even if you pride yourself as a toughie personality that's too old or too mature for a story, you are lying through your teeth, but you may be thinking of something else when I say story.
     I alluded to the fact that no matter who you are or where you're from, you make up stories on a regular basis, you may even be good at it. There is an art to making up stories that apply to real life situations. This is known more commonly as lying. Your creative mind uses an ancient art to get out of or get someone out of trouble on a regular basis. I could go into the reason why we do this, but I frankly do not have time right now. The other side is whenever you harbor hatred (I mean like you seriously want this person dead) in your heart towards someone it is almost a given that you make up some type of storyline in which the end involves them going somewhere else, and usually not such a pleasant place. Let us not concern ourselves with these types of self-storytellers. Instead, we will use my sister as a prime example of a positive, upbeat and fun self-storyteller.
     My sister claims that she won't right down the stories she tells to herself, but there will most likely come a time (as was with me) that she cannot help herself and write down her great idea so she can in turn read it to herself and enjoy it that way. It's much easier to read a story than to make one up as you go along, there is a lot less thinking required and you don't have to worry about the dreaded and rightly named "Brick Wall" and for writers like me "Writer's Block." Anyway, we all do enjoy a story.
     Now that was a rather long intro, I know...

     Wait a minute, Ed, that was just the intro?

     Yes, it was. In my old boy scout troop I went camping on a beautiful lake called Namakan in the boundary waters in Minnesota. The owner of the property where we camped (for it was a private, family owned property that he was generous enough to share with us boys) would before a sort of ceremony always 'warm the boys up' before our scoutmaster would begin. Of course he was talking about warming our minds up for the discussions that would follow. He did this by telling a short story story that usually rhymed and would make us laugh or say 'Ooh' at the end. I say all this to explain why write three paragraphs before I begin the body of the post.
     To tell you the truth, the body of this post is rather short. I only want to invite my faithful readers, though you be few and far between, to read a truly Amazing Story.
     Yes, I have a much coveted membership as one of the Writerly Friends that try to publish regularly a segment of the epic An Amazing Story as it is called right now, and is likely to remain being called for the rest of its production. To tell you truthfully, it's much more popular than this blog is right now, but that may change. Everything is nailed down in Jello, as they say in Minnesota. If you like Sci-Fi, Dystopia, time traveling, or otherworldly fantasy, then you might like An Amazing Story.

Read it right now, right here.

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