Saturday, January 30, 2016

Beyond a Utopia in Question

Politics. Name calling. Mudslinging. Hating in the name of tolerance. All of it.

When are we going to get it together?

What has to change in our society in order for it to work?

First of all, everyone must become perfect in every way. Because any hoarding of assets might cause a disproportionate view of others, money and assets are taken away and a giant company takes over to manage everyone and house them, and feed them. In return the perfect people are happy to fulfill their duties as welders, food packers, engineers, computer programmers, researchers, and all the other necessary fields. Everyone is given the same to live on, including the CEO and president of the company. They still don't really have time for you because they work twice as many hours as you do and live under constant stress making sure the company is fair to everyone and nobody gets to enjoy life any more than anyone else. But everyone is still happy because they are perfect and the harder they work the easier life becomes for everyone else. Nobody lies, steals, cheats, or complains. Nobody is prideful because they have all accomplished the same in life, and nobody is given any reason to disrespect others because no one has ever disrespected them. Wouldn't life be perfect if this were the way things were?

Well, the liberals after reading that say "Maybe," and the conservatives after reading it say "Interesting," in a mildly horrified way.

It would be wonderful if that worked. But it doesn't. That kind of utopia will never work on this version of Earth because as a human you don't want to get paid the same as someone who doesn't work as hard as you, or hasn't worked as hard as you have to get where you are.

Let's face it. People are shallow. And selfish. And hateful. And intolerant. The above society would work in a sinless world, but we do not live in a sinless world. We live in a world full of hate, selfishness, pride, theft, lying, complaining, and every other sin that's even worse. We live in a world where lives are ruined because of moral failure and no one can fix it because no wants it to be fixed. Oh they say they want it to be fixed, but they don't mean it. They want the same freedom they have had all along to do the things they've done, but without the consequences. And if there are consequences they want someone else to pick up the slack where they let go.

Every liberal at heart is an idealist. They see living as a noun and not a verb. They see living and think it can be carved and shaped into perfection. But living is not a noun. Living is an action, and as an action it won't stay in one place where you can work on it. It moves around. When you have changed one thing to fix something in it, it has already figured out a way to cope and make up for your changes.

Every conservative at heart is a realist. Willing to accept their sinful human nature for what it is as well as everyone else's and use it to work hard to provide for themselves and in doing so providing for others.

If you claim that you want everyone to be like you in that you only care for others, it basically means that you want others to care for you. Think about it. Makes sense.

To those who think that it is unfair that executives of companies make the most money for seemingly working the least, you need to understand a key thing. If you work for them that means that they hired you. It means that you are receiving a paycheck because they are making sure that the company doesn't fail. If you don't work for any executive that makes more money than you it must be noted that if you use anything that the company they manage touched, you are benefiting, no, you are making an agreement that what they do is worth your money and you want them to keep doing what they are doing.

To those who are of my opinion and agree with these statements, you can just feel affirmed in your reasoning and use some of these points (if you haven’t already) in discussion with you liberal friends.

Now let's talk about some stuff that is mandatory. You need to pay taxes so that the government can do several things. It's as easy as ABC.

A) The most important one: Defense. If another country declares war the government must take action and defend you.

B) Build roads so that you can easily transport yourself and do business with others.

C) Maintain order in the society. The government must make laws that regulate what individuals and organizations are allowed to do to each other.

That's it. That is what the ideal government does.

What does our government do?

It maintains a system that carries out the delivery of letters and packages from organizations and individuals to organizations and individual.

– – –

     It pays for public education that is failing and costly and perhaps not worth as much money as is actually being spent on it.
     It pays for an independent organization that regulates taxes that could be a part of the federal government itself.
     It pays for an agency that attempts to protect the environment that really isn't necessary and doesn't do much anyway.
     It pays for the search of alien life when it already knows it exists. (I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I’m just being realistic. Take a look at some of the work of L.A. Marzulli.)
     It pays for another independent organization to print money and deal with all things money outside of the government itself.

– – –

So what?

Why can’t we have a system like the first one we talked about? Because like I said before nobody wants it. They will say they want it, but it would be harder than it would be worth. It isn’t humanly possible to make everyone perfect. People have tried. With public education one of the goals was to make individuals that were taught how to act in society and to be productive, but to many students in many schools this would be a lame joke. How many exactly? I do not know for sure, but judging by what’s going on in the news concerning public education, it would seem impossible not to come to that conclusion. 

So now what? What do we need to do? Well, if you are a liberal, then you need to become a conservative. 

If you are a conservative you need to vote. I won’t say who you need to vote for, but you do need to vote. Period.

If you are a Christian you need to do what the conservative does in addition to pray for revival and that the politicians will do what is best for a realistic recovery.

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