Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fun facts about Darth

I felt the need to share with you this little annoying thing that has decided to bug me: the word "darth" Is not original to Star Wars, and I must wonder if George Lucas is stealing credit.

The word has it's origins in Welsh. The welsh word darth is a verb that means to evaporate.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I wanted to know what the name really meant, since I knew it wasn't originally from Star Wars (my parents know a man in his fifties named Darth). But when I go to the various baby name websites, they say that Darth is the word coined by George Lucas for the Dark order of Sith. He may have thought he came up with it, but the word was in use long before Star Wars was even remotely conceived. You can find this out by using the Google Ngram Viewer. You can also search Google books and find that it was used as a last name as well.

So sorry Star Wars fans, Darth does not mean, Dark order of Sith, it means to evaporate.

so there is your fun fact for the day.

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