Monday, August 22, 2016

A New Adventure

Today is a big day for me as a twenty-first century teenager. I started the long and tedious process of fulfilling the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, which is the first step in the even longer and more tedious process of earning a Master's Degree.

Today is something that I almost never do. I am actually going to write about my life, like a real blog.

I woke up this morning at my regular hour, and did everything much the same as I have normally done so for the past few months. Made coffee, took a shower, got dressed, put my brace on, drank coffee, ate some food, browsed the internet a tad, thought about the day, and so on. The only thing noticeably different about the beginning of today was what constituted the thoughts I was having about the rest of the day. Today was the first day of classes at my new school: North Hennepin Community College, and of course, that was something that was on my mind. Today I was going to be away from home for almost the entire day at a place of learning, for the first time ever. Last springt I took a math course here to get ready for this fall that took place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that wasn't at all the same, because that was just one class, in one part of the college.

Today I got here at 8:45 AM, and got some books. Man, there were a lot of people in the book store this morning. Then I went and waited for close to an hour outside a classroom in a hallway. I went into a class for fifty minutes, then was released to go study. I read two chapters of a textbook and ate lunch, and now I'm writing a blog post, waiting for my MATH 1180, the much awaited, much anticipated MATH 1180 to start: College Algebra with Precalculus. Even though this is the one class I've been looking forward to most, it's also the one that I'm most uncertain about, which would seem to be a contradiction, since normally something you're unsure of gives you anxiety, but that is how it stands. It starts at two, and it's one forty-five, so I should pack up and get in line for the classroom.

Today has been a pretty low key day, and based on my schedule, most other days are likely to be similar to it. We'll just have to wait and see.

I will perhaps post more later, but for now I will try to pay attention to my MATH 1180 Instructor as best I can.

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