Saturday, January 14, 2017

Spring Semester: No Homework!

I doubt this will happen very often during the rest of the semester. I have no homework this weekend!

However, I hope that I will be able to make it happen.

I read a book called "The Disciplined Life," by Richard S. Taylor over Christmas Break, in which he outlines A) why discipline is important for succeeding in life, and B) how you can become disciplined yourself. In it he speaks to the college student, exhorting them to work on the most difficult homework assignment first, then enjoy the ease of the rest. I am trying to do just that, but in addition, I'm trying to not get distracted while working.

I tried to start a YouTube Channel a few months ago, around the end of November, so not really a few months ago, more like a month and a half ago, but it really isn't working out that well. Originally, I was going to try and make a video every week, but that's just ridiculous with what I had in mind.

Things that you have to do to make a video on YouTube:

1) Write a script.

This is not that hard for me to do. I am a logophile, and I love writing. I don't feel at all bad about saying I love writing. If I had the option, I would become a professional writer, but that probably isn't an option.

2) Tag the script.

This is was taking me so long to do. The video I was working on, and thought I would get done before school started was about two thirds of the way done, but I accidentally closed TextEdit, and didn't say "Save Changes," which set me back to one third of the way done. That was a little discouraging.

3) Draw the slideshow.

My videos are in the format of Xidnaf's, where I record a voiceover track, and then create a slideshow  that's synced with the it. This would probably take the longest to do, but it's easier, because I just have to draw what I wrote in the tags.

4) Record the background music.

I haven't done this yet. For the first video I made, I put one of my favorite classical songs as the background music, but later I found out that it was technically copyrighted music, so I won't receive any ad revenue from it, which is too bad, because I was thinking that maybe if enough people liked my videos, I might be able to make a little side income and pay for college. You know, get in on the YouTube moneygrab. Well, of course it's not that simple.

YouTube want's your videos to be nice, and so they offer a ton of royalty free music within the YouTube video editor itself, but where's the fun in that? Plus, I really don't have an excuse for doing that because I am an avid musician, and I ought to have the faculties to record my own music on my virtual pipe organ, that has a record feature, that makes it sound like you're using professional microphones to record it. I basically have the piece that I have in mind ready, I just need to sit down for an afternoon and record it.

Spoiler: It's going to be the Sortie from Sep Pieces en Fa Mineur in L'Organiste, by Cesar Franck. I'm just not sure how I'll sync it with the rest.

So why am I writing a blog post and not doing that?

Well, first, I have to finish knitting a sweater, and I also have to practice a piece for my grandpa (It's his birthday, and some other relatives are coming, and my grandma wants me to play this for them. I should probably do that now.)

Anyway, a Saturday post for you guys.

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