Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Spring Semester: A Sad Story

Once upon a time, there was a lowly college student. His name was Eddie.

Eddie took a Calculus class from a jovial man who wrote the lecture notes with a black marker of sorts. Eddie was impressed with the way the notes looked so perfect, and crisp in his handwriting. The truth was that Eddie's handwriting was good as well, but he had not the fantastic pen: a black PaperMate Flair M. He was not satisfied by the drab strokes of his .7 mm mechanical, or the rattling of the Pilot G2s he already possessed. He had to have a PaperMate Flair M pen.

I should explain to you that Eddie was something of a connoisseur of pens. There was a point at which his favorite was the UniBall Vision Elite, but the UniBall bled through the pages he was writing, and ran out of ink far to quickly. His next favorite was the Pilot G2, of which many of us are familiar, but while it's quality is excellent, and it doesn't bleed nearly as much, it still had some tough things about it, like rattling, and not feeling smooth.

One day, Eddie was trying to create a font, using, but it suggested that one should use a black felt tip marker. He thought about the pen his calculus instructor used. That, with its crisp strokes, would be ideal. He asked his mom if she had a PaperMate Flair M pen.

"Yes, I do, many," she said.

With delight, Eddie asked, "Do you have a black one, and if so, may I use it?"

She took out her collection of PaperMate Flair M pens, and he gazed upon their sundry colors. He took the black one and filled out the sheet. It was like using a toothpick to make a design in pie crust dough. Perfect feel, perfect strokes. Eddie wondered how he could have possibly missed using these up until now. But his mom didn't want to give him her only black PaperMate Flair M pen. He would have to find another way to get one.

The next day, Eddie left the college earlier than he would have normally, to try and get one on his way to picking up his dad at his work. Instead he just got lost, and ran out of time.

Then the day after, he and his dad got to his dad's work earlier than expected. With an hour to spare, he set out to find an OfficeMax or OfficeDepot. His GPS led him to the loading dock of a middle eastern market place, which was not either of those. He decided he would have to forego the acquisition of the PaperMate Flair M pen until another day came.

He set out to find his way to the college, but a different way than usual. The road he was expecting turned out to be a dead end, but on was an OfficeMax! Overjoyed, he turned into parking lot, ran in, and purchased the last black PaperMate Flair M pen they had for $1.92 (including tax). Feeling quite satisfied, he set out to his college the way he knew.

All throughout the day, he enjoyed the smooth, thick curves of his handwriting, and the perfect consistency of the pressure required to use it. It was as if his writing hand had made it to heaven.

But alas, Biology Lab came in the afternoon, and he was tired and distracted, it being the fourth class that day. He was also getting a headache. The instructor released the class a half hour early, and Eddie  packed up along with everyone else.

He came to his car, getting ready to leave for his dad's work, but he thought, "did I put my PaperMate Flair M pen into my backpack, or did I forget it?" He rifled through his backpack, and through his pockets, but the pen was nowhere to be found. He went back to the lab, but the PaperMate Flair M pen had disappeared. It was gone, without a trace. (No pun intended.)

Eddie went back to his car and completely emptied his backpack. The pen was still gone. He accepted his error and left.

The Ed.

Yes, this story was based on reality. I will have to purchase another one soon. It was so much fun while it lasted, though.

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