Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Spring Semester: Introduction, and First Day Shenanigans

This is just a series of posts that will explain what I'm up to this semester.

I think that last semester, I wrote a post that dealt with the "Theory of Small Coincidences." More or less, it was a casual observation that regardless of the workload, there will always be enough time to finish do it, and have enough time to do other fun things. It came in especially handy when I wanted to attend the Understanding the Times Fall 2016 conference. I had some doubts that the theory would prevail, knowing my work load, but fortunately, taking a full Saturday, in which I would likely have done a lot homework, off did not affect my work.

Why is this?

Well, after doing a semester, relatively dependent on its value, and with some passable grades, I am willing to make it the subject of my Statistics project. Apparently for this statistics course I'm taking, he is requiring an all semester long project, in which I am to compile at least fifty data points, with two variables, write a seven page report on it, with all the fancy bar graphs etc, and it will account for 15% of the grade. It's almost like a second final, but the final counts for 20%.

My instructor actually put this course I'm doing together last semester. The purpose of it, I lament to say, is not what I was expecting. It was apparently supposed to explain how to quantify and analyze, (find the important parts) of data. A lot of data. This, he said, is particularly applicable to the medical field, with studies, and stuff like that, but also many other areas as well, like insurance, and economics.

It just so happens that the other day I was talking to my oncologist, who suggested, combined with a degree in computer science, becoming a data analyst for the medical field, which can be a very lucrative job, and desperately needed at this point. Maybe God is telling me something. We well see as the semester progresses.

Anyway, this post series intends to, in weekly increments, tell how my semester is going on, perhaps along with some comical gems, sitcom stuff. Maybe they won't be very funny to you, but maybe they will.

My Calc class looks to be more fun than I had originally thought; the instructor is a character, who knows how to dry humor. Typical math person.

Here's something new: I had to rent a TI 83 Graphing Calculator. You can't use anything but a TI 83 or 84. There's something special about the TI 83/84 calculators, or maybe Texas Instruments bribed the textbook manufacturer.

Sooo, first day shenanigans.

I don't exactly know why, but some pronouns have been getting jumbled in my head lately. It happened at pot blessing yesterday, and it happened with some awkward awkwardness today with someone whom I don't know very well. There's no way he reads my blog, so I don't feel bad about telling this story. No names, of course.

I begin in the student center, getting MyStatLab set up, and everything. I look at the clock, and I note that it is 10:40, which means my Calc class is starting in twenty minutes. I get bundled up, and start walking, cane and and all to the CLA. Lo and behold, someone whom I know impersonally, is sitting there, and I'm thinking to myself "Is he in this Calc class too?"

The story progressed as I approached, and addressed him with a rising intonation, indicative in English, as we all know, of a question. We had a short exchange before I sat down on the hall floor. (The benches were now occupied.)

Things proceeded downhill from there. I waited several seconds. "In case you don't know, my name is Edmond," I said, trying to start a conversation.

He gave me a look that said, "I'm trying to be nice, but I have no idea who you are," followed by him saying "Uh yeah. And Where do I know you from?"

Now if someone asks you this question, please note that nobody wins, but it is inevitable, much like Monopoly over Christmas break.

"I'm Aravis's Sister," said, not immediately realizing my mistake. But, before I could correct myself, his face lit with recognition.

"I mean, Aravis is my sister. I'm her brother."

"Oh yeah."

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